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This blog has been created to provide photographers, artists and those who enjoy the creative process with the opportunity to express ideas about photography. Along the way I hope to share some of my thoughts, as well as some of my techinques in creating nature and fine art photographs. If you are interested in purchasing matted copies of any of these photographs please go to "view my complete profile" below and send me an e-mail. Dave

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I am a amateur nature and fine arts photographer who was trained in black and white photography in the early 1970's, worked professionally a bit and then set aside all artistic pursuits until about 2003. I enjoy the creative aspects of photography and look forward to sharing with others of similar interests.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Latest Photos - March 18, 2008

This first photo is a Phalaenopsis orchid, taken with my Canon Digital Rebel XT and a Sigma 70mm macro lens. The exposure was 3 seconds at F11 & ISO 100, shot in RAW, processed in Adobe Lightroom and saved as a TIFF file. Before I converted it to JPEG I ran it through Photoshop 7 to adjust the contrast a bit. The lighting was late afternoon natural light coming in from the right, with a black cloth background and a white reflector about 6 inches to the left of the flower to fill in the shadows a bit. This small image does not do justice to the subtle detail throughout all of this shot, and even at much higher magnification it holds it's image quality quite well.

The next three photos are of Chiritas. These are a very attractive tropical plant in the family of African Violets standing about 5 inches tall. These were also taken with natural light using the Rebel XT. The lens was a Canon 18 - 55.


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